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Custom engineered borosilicate glass components and parts
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Glass Solutions manufactures custom engineered borosilicate glass components for instrument manufacturers and designers. From a single prototype to several thousands, you can be assured of care and attention to detail in every piece.


Areas of speciality

We have wide ranging glassblowing skills and knowledge, but here are some areas where our competitors particularly struggle to match us.

  • Large diameter tube resizing (up to 600mm diameter)
  • Large volume jacketed and vacuum jacketed vessels up to 50 L
  • Complex designs requiring high accuracy
  • Special flange forms
  • Unusual and/or complicated shapes requiring high precision

Manufacturing design & support

Our in-house technical design team have the capabilities to assist, guide, and advise on your product design, as well as assuring complete confidentiality of your information.

Our experienced team supports customers by reviewing their design to ensure it will provide the best solution for them in terms of quality and price. We work closely with your designers to provide advice on specifications such as tolerances, material compatibility, and manufacturability and are adept at finding ways to improve the glassware so that it delivers the best solution for you.

Our manufacturing engineering team support our glassblowers by designing and manufacturing specialist tools and equipment that enable significant process improvements and technical advances.

Many of our customers require complete confidentiality of their designs and suppliers, so we understand how important that trust is. Glass Solutions takes confidentiality very seriously and do not disclose any information or data without customer consent.

Borosilicate glass properties

Borosilicate is the most commonly used type of glass in laboratory environments because of its excellent chemical resistance and thermal durability. Borosilicate glass is also resistant to scratches and abrasions and is found in many households; the most common brand name being Pyrex.

Borosilicate glass displays higher chemical durability than conventional glass types such as soda-lime glass. It has high hydrolytic resistance and excellent resistance to acids, making it an ideal material for engineers and product designers to use.
Borosilicate glass has low thermal expansion and provides exceptional resistance to thermal shock and temperature fluctuations.
Borosilicate glass offers exceptionally high light transmission from UV-A to IR and delivers outstanding visual quality.
Syrris Atlas HD Stirrer and Baffle close up 50 50 image

Built on history, here for the future

Whether you’re an existing customer looking to reproduce your glassware or someone with an entirely new challenge, we deliver unbeatable product quality and excellent support from enquiry to delivery, and beyond.

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    Laboratory glassware for scientists

    If you’re a scientist working in industry or academia, visit our sister brand, Cambridge Glassblowing.