Precision scientific glass

In the world of scientific instrumentation and systems, accuracy and reliability are paramount. Marrying glass components with other engineering materials and disciplines, also known as scientific glass engineering, often poses a challenge. This challenge can be further exacerbated by the tolerance requirements necessary for proper functioning. Glass Solutions understands that the manufacture of Precision Scientific Glassware is key to unlocking these challenges and enabling innovation.

Glassblower at Glass Solutions designing a precision scientific glass tube

What we offer: Precision laboratory glass products and services

Quality Precision Glassblowing

Quality begins by having the right data. The Glass Solutions team take time to fully understand our customers requirements and ensure they are well documented. Once in production, accurate manufacturing records allow us to record and share knowledge across the entire production team. This is key to ensuring the same results time and time again regardless of individuals. This may sound like normal engineering practice, and it is, but this approach is not that common in the world of scientific glassblowing. If you need Precision Scientific Glassware, Glass Solutions stands out as a bespoke scientific glass manufacturers.


High quality precision scientific glass not only overcomes technical challenges, it also helps to keep us safe. The chemical resistance and thermal properties of glass mean that it is often the preferred choice for containing hazardous materials, however, the fragile nature of glass means it should also be done with care.

Glass Solutions is able to offer support to your design teams when dealing with vacuum or positive pressure, both of which can be extremely hazardous when combined high or low temperatures.

When considering scientific glassware design, the interfaces with other components and systems can be critical to ensuring safe and reliable operations. This is where experience counts, our team have multiple decades of experience working with clients to help them deliver safe and reliable products.


Behind every piece of Custom Scientific Glassware is a team of skilled professionals well-versed in the art of glass manufacturing. Unlike modern precision engineering, precision scientific glassware relies totally on the skills of the craftsmen and women to create each item. Even though Glass Solutions has invested heavily to develop its own tools and systems these are still just aids to enable the glassblowers to produce the precision our customers need.

State-of-the-Art facility

To enable our glass manufacturing team to deliver truly exceptional-precision glass, they need the right environment. Glass Solutions has invested heavily in green technologies to ensure industry leading air quality, high quality lighting and dedicated work zones to set a new benchmark for scientific glassblowing not just in the UK but internationally too. The UK’s best glassblowers now aspire to becoming part of a top performing team, staff retention is exceptional making investment in training all the more rewarding.

Our products

Glass Solutions makes Precision Scientific Glassware for an extremely diverse range of applications. Some simple tubes and cylinders may appear unremarkable at first sight, however, as they form part of a drug manufacturing process they require 100% reliability, delivered on time every time and with the correct certification. While some competitors can do some of these things some of the time, only Glass Solutions has the organisational strength to do everything right time after time, year after year.

  • Vacuum systems
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Jacketed glassware
  • Stack emission glassware
  • Diffusion Cells
  • Evaporation glassware
  • Lasers
  • Pharmacopeia glassware
  • Spray dryer glassware

Our materials

Glass Solutions uses only premium materials from verified and certified manufacturers from within Europe. For your critical applications customers are advised to fully verify the origins of the materials and products being provided. It can sometime be difficult to identify glass from dubious origins which may not conform to European and international standards and may also fall short of FDA and GMP requirements.

Our capabilities

Glass Solutions is in the privileged position of having the broadest range of manufacturing equipment of any custom glassblowing workshop in the UK.  This means that we can manipulate materials from miniature scale to the largest sizes currently being produced. Couple this with our commitment to progress and innovation, quality, training and customer service means that there are very few cases where we are unable to help.

Who we are

Glass Solutions is the only UK glassblowing company that is entirely focused on producing precision scientific glassware and components for instrument manufacturers and the chemical manufacturing industry. For more than 20 years, we have worked hard to become the trusted name in the industry when precision, quality and reliability are required. Our experienced team are at home working with supply chain managers, quality auditors and project engineers giving you the confidence you need.

We strongly believe that we can only achieve our best when the whole team is as its best so we go to great lengths to create both the physical environment and business culture where our employees can thrive.

Why choose us?

If you currently use or are thinking of using a custom glass component or element within your product design or within a production process then quality and precision will undoubtedly in your mind when looking for a suitable supplier. Glass Solutions can support you from the start of your project through to full realisation. Give our team a call today or contact us here, they will be delighted to hear from you.