From our glass consultants, who work with you to design the solution you need, to our skilled glassblowers and quality control teams, we are known for our organisational excellence and extensive glass manufacturing knowledge.


We know how important your manufacturing schedule is. That’s why our processes and KPI’s prioritise on-time delivery; you can be confident that you’ll receive your glassware when you need it for integration into your end-product.


Our accurate production records, in-process inspections, and post production reviews ensure we consistently deliver high-quality glassware in small or large batches.

Experts in customised glass solutions for you

Glass Solutions manufacture complex, engineered scientific glassware and components for engineers, instrument manufacturers, and the chemical manufacturing industry. We turn your existing design into a reality; reproducing it reliably, consistently and, if desired, branded with your own logo.

If a design is challenging to produce or has obvious shortcomings, we work with you to help overcome these issues so that you can save on cost and/or get a better overall product.


One of the UK’s most advanced glassblowing facilities


Combined years of experience

Organisational strength to deliver, time after time


State of-the-art energy recovery system & the most diverse range of glassblowing equipment.


Part of the AGI Group; using our shared knowledge and expertise to optimise & unify manufacturing processes.


In-house team of skilled & experienced glassblowers trained to the highest standards.

Discover what else we can do.

Traditional skills producing high precision glassware

Glassblowing is a craft. Using traditional skills as well as sophisticated equipment, our expert team can re-imagine glass and manipulate it to produce scientific glassware of the high quality and to our customers’ exact specifications.

Because our glassware is handmade, we can easily produce modest quantities without our customers being excessively charged. Our large team is equally capable of medium volume manufacturing of glassware (1,000 to 10,000).

Since 2001, Glass Solutions has been delivering industry leading customer service by providing fast enquiry response times, unrivalled technical support, and scientific OEM glassware that meets the high standard our customers expect for integrating into their end-product.
We have the largest team of highly skilled and experienced custom scientific glassblowers in the UK. Utilizing a vast range of equipment and diverse production processes at our state-of-the-art UK facility near Cambridge, we are able to reliably deliver a variety of glassware; from prototypes to full production runs. With an extensive range of materials and components available from stock, we are able to swiftly respond to urgent demands.
We are committed to continuous improvement and quality manufacturing practices, as proven by our ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certification. A strong focus on staff training, communication, and engagement means that our entire team is passionate about delivering the highest level of service.

Part of the AGI Group, a global group of scientific glassware companies