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We have unrivalled applications understanding; from scientific and industrial to interior design and architecture. Our technical team work closely with our customers to ensure that the custom glassware we manufacture will meet their often-complex specifications. Our highly-skilled team of glassblowers, coupled with the broadest range of precision processes and techniques, enables us to produce the highest quality of glassware and to reproduce designs reliably and consistently.


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From the first point of contact, our team of glass specialists will help you to define the achievable tolerances and overall specifications of your custom glassware. This consultation often results in a simplified manufacturing process; helping to reduce costs, improve product quality and durability, and increase final product performance.

Our in-house technical design team have the capabilities to assist, guide, and advise on all aspects of your product design to ensure its feasibility. This includes defining both the glass product specifications (properties, tolerances, size, wall thickness/diameter, surface finish, vacuum and pressure, etc.) and the processes that will be used to manufacture it (e.g. formation of junctions, connections, couplings, etc.).
The majority of scientific glass products start off as a piece of tube which we are able to reshape, join, and convert into a finished product of almost any size. We have both the equipment and specialist skills to manipulate these materials and produce products up to 600mm diameter and several meters in length.

With the largest team of custom scientific glassblowers in the UK, we have the organisational capacity to easily scale our manufacturing processes to deliver one-offs or many thousands.

Because most scientific glassware is handmade, it’s relatively easy for us to make small quantities and avoid expensive machine setup costs.

When we are required to produce high volumes of glassware, our process engineering knowledge allows us to find efficient ways to do this. Being part of the AGI Group means we can draw on other specialist glass manufacturing teams, such as Glaskeller in Switzerland and Soffieria Sestese in Italy. With easy access to such a large resource of skilled people and equipment, we can have parallel production teams working to deliver the desired quantity and quality of glassware to the agreed schedule.

Made in the UK

Glass Solutions is an expert manufacturer of custom precision engineered borosilicate glass components for scientific instrument manufacturers and designers throughout the UK.

All of our raw materials are manufactured in Europe and are of the highest quality, conforming to ISO 3585 standard. View custom glassware.

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