Scientific glass engineering

Glass Solutions has spent decades working with major instrument manufacturers to help them overcome the challenges of blending the hand-made nature of the glass with precision engineering to help them produce products where all materials can be brought together. Over time, the introduction of techniques and practices found in an engineering workshop have been introduced into the discipline of scientific glass engineering. The evolution of these processes have progressively elevated the precision and tolerances that can be reliably produced with hot forming and fabrication techniques. By working with our client’s to better understand and advise them, many of the challenges of using glass as and engineering material have been overcome.

Glassblower scientifically engineering a glass apparatus

Scientific glass engineering: combining analytical sciences and cutting-edge technology

The scientific glass engineering process takes elements from many different engineering disciplines. There are many parallels with welding fabrication, tube bending, metal spinning, surface and cylindrical grinding and traditional turning processes. Starting with pre-drawn tubing and rods of different diameter and wall thickness, glassblowers choose the appropriate method to shape and form the glass. Separate parts can be fused together using flames to soften the glass and allow the two parts to flow together to become seamlessly fused together.

The continuous in-house development of tools, jigs, processes and measuring devices has allowed Glass Solutions to elevate what can be achieved. Tolerances that were previously impossible to sustain can now routinely be accomplished.

Our capabilities

With years of experience in the field, our scientific glassblowers have honed their skills to perfection. We specialize in working with borosilicate glass, renowned for its durability in harsh environments making it the material of choice for a vast array of applications. In addition to the precision engineered glass components, Glass Solutions has the rare capability to work all material sizes currently in production (2mm to 465mm diameter). As a partner to your company, this means you can rely on us no matter what the scale of your demands, there is no need to find a new supplier if your needs change over time.

Scientific glassware services

Glass Solutions is not just a scientific glass equipment manufacturer; we are partners in your business endeavours. Engineers and laboratory equipment suppliers benefit from expert technical support during the design and development phase, throughout your new product introduction and over the lifetime of your product’s continuous improvement.

Glass Solutions has built its reputation on delivering the highest degree of reliability in all aspects of business. Quality to us means far more than just the product we deliver, at every touch point, taking the time to do the right thing.

What is glass engineering and why it’s important

Traditional scientific glassblowers have taken pride in creating very bespoke one-off products for scientists and researchers. Frequently the precise dimensions and form would have minimal impact and therefore there is little demand for precision or reproducibility.

Glass Solutions understands that product and major instrument manufacturers require something fundamentally different. The exact same product every time, the same size, finish, look, tolerance, even packaging are all important in ensuring a truly reliable supply-chain.

When we talk about glass engineering, we are not thinking about the production method, it’s the whole journey from drawing to product, through inspection to order fulfilment. There is no reason that your glass component should be considered any differently than a machined part.

Scientific glass engineering for your needs

Whether you are an instrumentation manufacturer, laboratory equipment supplier or a chemical manufacturing organisation, it can be difficult to find the right partner to supply your engineered glass components. Very few scientific glassblowing businesses have the organisational strength or desire to fully meet the needs of industry, most tend to focus on individual end users or have no specialism at all. Conversely, Glass Solutions has built itself to specifically meet the needs of organisations that need a higher level of customer service, product performance and quality, and total service reliability.

Get ahead of your competitors with Glass Solutions

In this competitive world having a dependable and agile supply chain is critical. Working with Glass Solutions for your scientific glass engineering is a great way to gain an advantage over your competitors.  Our team of highly experienced advisors and skilled glassblowers are ready to collaborate with you to design and manufacture glassware that meets the most demanding standards of quality and performance.

Contact Glass Solutions today and take the next step in advancing your business goals with our state-of-the-art scientific glassware. Let us be your partners in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of science and technology.