Custom borosilicate glass

Deciding to use custom borosilicate glass rather than a standard bottle or tube gives the designer freedom to create the ideal solution. Custom borosilicate glass is remarkably accessible and when working with a partner like Glass Solutions, you do not need to be expert or knowledgeable about the medium. One of our key strengths is the support and advice we can provide to help you design and specify your product.

Our agile manufacturing process means that it is also cost effective to produce small batches or prototype custom borosilicate glassware. Engineers, instrument manufacturers, and chemical manufactures all benefit from custom borosilicate products that can be quickly taken from concept through to implementation when work with our support. Customized glassware can be highly cost effective, saving time, improving safety and performance and easily repaying its cost rapidly.

Glass Solutions glassblowers working on a custom borosilicate glass

Who we are

Glass Solutions was established to deliver complete process solutions to science and industry. Using our expertise in bespoke scientific glass manufacturing and our engineering prowess, Glass Solutions created complete solutions for our customers. The business has now evolved to focus on the scientific glass elements but still brings a deep understanding of how to incorporate glass components within an engineered mechanical assembly. Our team take great pleasure in advising and supporting our clients in their endeavours, helping them to overcome the challenges of combining glass and other engineering materials.

Borosilicate glassware for all purposes

Borosilicate glassware is suitable for an extremely diverse range of applications. Whether you’re in need of a custom glass bottle, specialised laboratory glassware or industrial glass components, we have the expertise to deliver products that meet and exceed your expectations. Our commitment to precision and quality extends across the entire spectrum of scientific glassware.

Our areas of specialty

One of Glass Solutions’ key strengths is the diversity of the products they can manufacture. From a simple (but critical) test tube to vast multi-jacketed reaction vessels, the Glass Solutions team have it covered. It is not uncommon for scientific instruments to feature a borosilicate glass component, Glass Solutions has both the skills and organisational strength to deliver on-time, every time and to your precise specifications.

Glass Solutions is happy to work with modest production quantities. However, as one of the UK’s largest custom glass manufacturers, we are well equipped to respond to sudden increases in demand, giving clients piece of mind they may not have when using smaller independent glassblowers.

What is borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is a specialized type of glass that contains boron trioxide. This unique composition imparts several key characteristics that make it highly sought after in scientific and industrial settings.

Advantages of custom borosilicate glassware

There are many advantages of opting for custom borosilicate glassware. Borosilicate glass, known for its exceptional thermal resistance and low thermal expansion, ensures that our products can withstand the most demanding environments. Exceptional resistance to chemical erosion and easy of cleaning make it the ideal choice for a wide variety of chemical processes. Its optical properties facilitate the use of analytical and sensing devices which rely upon light transmission outside the visible spectrum.

Characteristics of borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass has a low thermal expansion, this is important because expansion is the route cause of stress within the material which could lead to failure when temperatures fluctuate. With ordinary glass, if it is heated unevenly or too quickly, then a catastrophic failure is the normal outcome.

This property is not only important while in use, it’s a key property which allows the glassblower to heat and fuse complex assemblies together to create the perfect product for our customers

Borosilicate’s chemical resistance ensures a long life within harsh laboratory conditions, but more importantly, ensures that constituents of the glass are not leached into the precious contents causing contamination of the contents.

Why choose Glass Solutions for your custom borosilicate glassware needs

Most glassblowing workshops are set-up to cater for the needs of the scientific end user. They produce perfectly adequate individual pieces of scientific glassware which perform a function. In most cases there is little thought to precision, quality or the requirement to reliably reproduce the item time and time again.

Glass Solutions is different, from the outset quality is paramount. Quality begins by having the right data, including inspection criteria. Using the best available materials and using our digital systems, shop floor data capture and in process inspections to record and control the process.

This approach ensures that customers can have confidence glass solutions will deliver on time and to the correct specifications, every time.

Glass Solutions is your one-stop destination for all things related to customized glassware. Our wide range of custom glassware services, coupled with our unwavering commitment to quality and precision, positions us as the preferred choice for engineers, instrument manufacturers, and those in the chemical manufacturing industry. Invest in Glass Solutions for unparalleled expertise, reliable products, and a partnership dedicated to turning your ideas into reality.

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If you need a custom borosilicate glassware manufacture in your supply chain, then you have come to the right place. Glass Solutions focuses itself on meeting the particular needs of designers, engineers and supply chain managers, delivering quality, precision and reliability in everything we do.

If your customers expect only the best from you then you are wise to invest in building relationships with the best suppliers. Speak to our highly experienced team of advisors who will be delighted to carefully explain all aspects of the services and products that we can offer. If required, they can also assist with recommendations on design and specifications to help advance your projects.