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    Glass Solutions produces unique hand-made quality glassware for restaurants, hotels, retail, museums, films etc., and we regularly work with architects, design and production agencies to produce a wide range of different glass pieces:

    • Large scale feature pieces to multi-thousand part installations
    • Sculptural glass and lighting
    • Display cabinets
    • Awards
    • Staircase balusters and spindles
    • Glass chimneys
    Glass Solutions Team

    Why choose Glass Solutions?

    • Quality glassware hand made to your exact specifications: Hand-made precision glassware coupled with our science and engineering capabilities ensure every piece of glassware produced meets highet precision and accuracy.
    • One-off bespoke parts to multi thousand part glassware production: Glass Solutions has UKs largest glass blowing facilities and team of glassblowers which enables production flexibility – we welcome any type of challenge, no matter how unusual or complex.
    • Large scale glassware: Glass Solutions can handle the largest pieces of glass.
    • Delivery times you can rely on: The delivery dates are based on careful calculations ensuring we deliver on time.
    • Environmentally friendly manufacturing: Glass Solutions has the UK’s most modern purpose built glassblowing facility with extreme green building credentials and air filtering, delivering perfect glassware with the minimum CO2 footprint.
    • Quality of materials: Glass Solutions uses the best incoming materials from SCHOTT which we cut, blow, grind, polish, and sand blast to deliver our customers’ needs.
    • Competitive prices

    More information about Custom Glassblowing is available here

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