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    Glass Tubes and Rods

    We supply borosilicate glass tubes and rods from our extensive stock which covers a range from 2mm up to 460mm in diameter, standard 1500mm lengths are cut and finished to customer specifications. Our services include cutting, grinding, joining, bending and reshaping of glass tubes and rods into a “ready to use” glass component.

    The tubes and rods can be fabricated in an endless variety of designs and are suitable for a wide range of applications:

    • Sight glasses
    • Displays
    • Model making
    • Test rigs
    • Architectural features and many more


    Tubing and rod specifications
    Decorative profiles of tubes and rods
    Tube and Rod Price List

    Placing an order/requesting a quote

    Get in touch to receive a calculation of the cost for standard finish tubes. Quantities of 20 or more items may be eligible for additional cost savings, which will be communicated upon quotation.

    • Minimum order value £250 ex VAT
    • Standard finish is a basic cut and fire polish to the ends. Length tolerances vary depending on the tube diameter, please enquire before ordering.
    Request a quote

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