Custom Glassware

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  • Standard Products

    Glass Solutions offers a wide range of off-the-shelf glass tubes and rods, scientific glassware, laboratory equipment and accessories for a wide range of industries.


    Glass Tubes and Rods

    • Extensive stock of borosilicate glass tubes and rods from 2mm up to 400mm diameter in 1500 mm length
    • Cutting, grinding, joining, bending and reshaping of glass tubes and rods
    • Handy calculator for precise pricing

    glass tubes and rods

    Glass tubes and rods

    Laboratory Glassware

    laboratory glassware


    Laboratory Equipment and Accessories

    laboratory equipment


    Microfluidic Chips

    • Wide range of off-the-shelf microfluidic chips
    • Highest quality with excellent optical transparency
    • Custom chips available


    microfluidic chips