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    Glass Solutions help ALS to maintain laboratory supplies


    ALS Food and Pharmaceutical, based in Chatteris, UK, relies on Glass Solutions to maintain its laboratory glassware. The Section Head of the company’s Vitamins and Additives department explained: “Our laboratory is responsible for the analysis of vitamins in a wide range of food and nutritional products, and clients rely on the integrity of our results. As a busy analytical laboratory, we need to make certain that we always have sufficient glassware available for our analyses and, because degradation of the analyte is a potential problem, we often use amber glassware to provide protection from light.”

    “While clear glass tubes are readily available, amber ones are not. Instead of buying clear tubes and sending them away to be amber coated, we have them custom made by Glass Solutions, which is just as cost effective and far easier. The company also has the capability to repair qualitative glassware – for example, replacing damaged tops on Quickfit® apparatus or taps and spouts on separating funnels – helping to prolong lifespans. Glass Solutions is very flexible and always willing to help; they give us exact lead times so that we know when the order will be ready, and our drivers collect the glassware during their daily routine, ensuring rapid delivery and minimising breakages during transit. It’s an ideal situation.”