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    Glassblowing for Scientists

    To compliment our range of specialist glassware we also offer a comprehensive bespoke glassblowing service.

    Attention to detail and competitive pricing are just two reasons we may be your best option the next time you need glassware. Explore further to discover more compelling reasons to choose Glass Solutions.

    Ready made solutions

    In addition to our catalogue of specialist items we have a massive portfolio of existing designs which have been created over the years to satisfy a huge variety of demands. These can quickly be reproduced for you and are commonly tailored to client’s exact needs. If you can’t see what you need in our catalogue just contact us, we have probably made the exact item or something very similar many times before.

    Fully bespoke glassware

    We are always delighted when a customer has an idea for a new piece of glassware that hasn’t been thought of or needed before. We take great pride in helping our clients convert their ideas or requirements firstly into a scale drawing and then into the item itself.

    How do I get something made?

    Obviously, the first task is to establish exactly what you want to have made. You can start by sending a description, hand drawn sketch (you only need to include the basics), photos of an existing item or send a sample to us.

    If we can quickly establish your needs then we will quote immediately. Sometime it is necessary to make and exchange drawings to finalise the design before we can offer a price. There is rarely any charge for the drawings that we provide, see our design section for more details.

    How much will it cost?

    Not as much as you might think is the most common answer. Ironically this is because most glass apparatus is still hand-made. As there is limited automation it is much simpler to create one-offs and small batches without incurring a lot of extra cost. So if you need a special cold trap, manifold, condenser, etc you might well find there is little on no difference in cost compared to buying a standard catalogue item which doesn’t quite do the job.

    There is no cost or obligation in asking for a quotation so you really have nothing to lose.

    How long will it take?

    Our target is to deliver custom glassware in two weeks from your order, this does vary depending on the size of your order and some seasonal variations.

    Are there any limitations?

    We don’t like to think of limitations, only challenges. In practice some things are much more difficult to achieve and thus are more costly.

    Occasionally a project will require the use of several highly specialised processes, Glass Solutions has a network of partner companies that we can bring together to offer the complete your solution.

    Will Glass Solutions help me with my design?

    Yes – we will be pleased to be of assistance and if necessary we can visit you to discuss you ideas, please see our design page for more details.

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