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    Glass Solutions uses a range of refined techniques which allows production of a diverse range of glassware and ensures every piece of glassware is produced to the highest quality.

    Glass Tubes

    A lot of glassware starts its life as a tube. Glass tubes are available in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses of up to 420mm diameter. Glass Solutions uses a variety of processes which allow:

    Accurate reproduction: Graphite tools and formers can be used to enable a part of glassware to be reproduced accurately time after time.

    Complex products: Dozens of small parts can be fused together to create complex glassware.

    Durable glassware: Glass parts are annealed ensuring durable quality products.

    Quality testing: Polarising strain viewers for durability testing, vacuum pressure testing for jacketed glassware.

    Diverse glassware: A wide range of lathes, grinders, tools, dicers, annealing ovens etc. enables glass to be precisely cut, shaped, joined, bent and finished for an extremely diverse range of products.

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