Custom Glassware

  • Glassblowing for Scientists
  • OEM Glassware
  • Prototype glassware
  • Small Batches
  • Design Assistance
  • Volume production
  • Standard Products

    We have collected a selection of examples here to show the diverse range of the types of glassware we are able to produce.

    Scientific Glassware

    • Jacketed Reactors
    • Distillation equipment
    • Vacuum cold traps
    • Jacketed multi-neck flasks
    • Short-path micro distillation units
    • Wiped and falling film glassware
    • Manifolds and Schlenk lines
    • Pressure equalising funnels
    • Fermentation vessels
    • Baffled flasks
    • Nitrogen Bubbler
    • NMR Tube Cleaners

    Decorative glassware

    • Lighting components from small to large ceiling features
    • Displays for museums, retail, exhibitions, events
    • Glass wall panels
    • Lanterns and lamp shades
    • Restaurant and bar features
    • Staircase spindles
    • Door handles
    • Drinking vessels
    • Trophies and awards
    • Table and work-surface supports
    • Film props
    • Advertising / promotional items

    Glassware Examples Collage

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