Custom Glassware

  • Glassblowing for Scientists
  • OEM Glassware
  • Prototype glassware
  • Small Batches
  • Design Assistance
  • Volume production
  • Standard Products

    Refining your existing design or building a design from a hand drawn sketch – whatever your need, we can help. We will assist with generating ideas, refine or create designs and advise on the best manufacturing process and materials for your project. This ensures your project will be made to the highest quality and the most cost effective way.

    Design Assistance

    We use a CAD system to quickly turn an idea to a one-off design or prototype.

    We can manipulate customers DXF and DWG 2D drawings to show how a small tweak to the design might reduce cost or improve the integrity of the product.

    Glass Solutions is happy to be involved at any stage of the design process, from simple problem solving to full design service.

    Typically there is no charge for our design effort, however, if circumstance arise that mean a charge is appropriate then we would advise of these costs in advance.

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