Custom Glassware

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  • OEM Glassware
  • Prototype glassware
  • Small Batches
  • Design Assistance
  • Volume production
  • Standard Products

    Glass Solutions specialises in the manufacture of bespoke scientific glassware. We have a thorough understanding of most laboratory practices and glassware requirements, and are able to design and manufacture virtually any type of scientific glassware – simple or complex, small or big, large volumes or one off samples.

    oem glassware, prototyping

    Our customers benefit from a large catalogue of previous designs which can quickly be customised and reproduced with added features or on a different scale. All we need is a description, photo or a simple line drawing.

    As we specialise in customised glassware, our services offer excellent value.

    Examples of Scientific Glassware
    Custom Glassware for Scientists
    Standard Laboratory Glassware
    Laboratory Equipment

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