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    Glass Solutions delivers high-quality glassware for laboratory applications

    Glass Solutions delivers high quality glassware for laboratory applications

    Glass Solutions, a world leader in the manufacture of high quality, precision glassware, is the supplier of choice for a wide variety of laboratories, providing specialist scientific glassware backed by unrivalled service and support. With extensive in-house expertise, combined with the UK’s largest advanced glass-blowing facility, the company is ideally placed to produce exceptional quality, precision manufactured glassware to suit a wide variety of laboratory applications.

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    Brazing ahead with Glass Solutions

    Precision-manufactured bodies for glass tube brazing furnaces - produced by Glass Solutions for Innoval Technology

    Innoval Technology – a global aluminium consultancy company – relies on Glass Solutions to supply precision-manufactured bodies for glass tube brazing furnaces. Adam Nadin, a metallurgical engineer at Innoval, explained: “Many of the companies that manufacture aluminium components do not have in-house laboratories, so rely on our expertise to provide process support and product-related solutions. Using a glass tube brazing furnace, our Materials Testing Team can quickly and accurately simulate industrial conditions on a small scale.”

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    Glass Solutions help ALS to maintain laboratory supplies

    ALS Custom Glassware

    ALS Food and Pharmaceutical, based in Chatteris, UK, relies on Glass Solutions to maintain its laboratory glassware.
    As a busy analytical laboratory, they need to make certain that they always have sufficient glassware available for analyses and, because degradation of the analyte is a potential problem they often use amber glassware to provide protection from light. While clear glass tubes are readily available, amber ones are not. Instead of buying clear tubes and sending them away to be amber coated, ALS have them custom made by Glass Solutions, which is just as cost effective and far easier.

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    Glass Solutions offers unmatched custom glass blowing

    Flange Flask

    Glass Solutions is the world leader in high quality, precision glassware for scientific, architectural and engineering applications, and offers bespoke design and glass blowing capabilities to match individual customer needs. Combining extensive in-house expertise with the UK’s largest advanced glass blowing facility, the company is ideally placed to produce high quality, precision manufactured glassware to suit the specific requirements of designers, instrument makers and engineers.

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    Merging materials for unique lighting installations

     Flange Forging

    Glass Solutions is working with bespoke furniture and lighting designers FRD Ltd to produce individual lighting installations for both private and public spaces. Jane Kavanagh, Operations Manager at FRD, explained: “FRD creates unique lighting and furniture for the high end interior design market, from restaurants and public areas to private dwellings and super yachts. We have a strong global reputation, working with architects, designers and private clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East and USA to produce truly bespoke pieces.

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    Glass Solutions provides a clear line of sight

    PFA lined stainless steel tubular sight glasses

    Bolton-based PTFE Developments Ltd. specialises in the production of fluoropolymer-lined chemical process equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, relying on Glass Solutions to supply the high quality glass used in its tubular sight glasses. David Howarth, Managing Director, explained: “We chose Glass Solutions as our supplier because the company maintains substantial stocks of the SCHOTT Duran range of borosilicate glass that we use. This helps to ensure the availability of top-end glass tubes made to our specifications, which is vital for reliable production.”

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    Glass Solutions celebrates a decade of excellence


    Glass Solutions, a world leader in the manufacture of high quality, precision glassware, is the supplier of choice for numerous design agencies, architects and production companies requiring custom-designed, decorative pieces of glassware. Using a range of precision processes and glass handling techniques, the company has established a reputation for excellence over the past decade. Its exceptional craftsmen create unique, specially commissioned pieces of glassware, from hand-crafted awards and display cabinets to staircase balusters and spindles, sculptural glass and lighting.

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    A winning award from Glass Solutions


    Glass Solutions has collaborated with production company Atom Ltd to manufacture a unique high quality glass trophy for a large multinational company. Alan Robinies, Director at Atom, explained: “We had previously produced a number of awards in acrylic for the company to present to its staff in recognition of their achievements.
    Subsequently, we were approached to recreate these custom-designed awards, this time in high quality glass. Finding a supplier prepared to take on the challenge of creating something a little different to normal was not easy; Glass Solutions was like a breath of fresh air, and did a great job for us.”

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    Glass Solutions a key contributor to the success of LabPlant spray dryers


    Glass Solutions hand-blown precision glassware is key to the continued success of Yorkshire-based LabPlant UK’s laboratory scale spray dryers. Simon Rowe, sales/purchasing and exports manager, explained: “Spray dryers are popularresearch tools in industries such as pharmaceuticals, and flavors and fragrances, as well as academia, enabling the conversion of liquids into powders for further analysis. These systems are bespoke items, adapted to individual customers’ requirements, and high quality glassware is a vital part of the unit, whether that’s chambers, collection bottles or cyclones.”

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    Glass Solutions the key to landmark sculptural lighting commissions


    Haberdashery, a London-based design consultancy, relies on Glass Solutions to produce top quality, custom-made glassware for its landmark sculptural lighting commissions. Director Mac Cox explained: “At Haberdashery, we focus on the design, supply and installation of high end bespoke sculptural lighting for exclusive properties and developments worldwide, from penthouses in London to the Hermitage apartments in Monaco. As well as commissions from interior designers and architects drawing up plans for luxury properties, we work with up-market developers and hotels…”

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    Glass Solutions rises to the challenge

    Pyrex tank and drip tip

    Blackpool-based RocketScienceMods, a manufacturer of high-end electronic cigarette components, turned to glassware specialist Glass Solutions to meet its need for a bespoke high quality drip tip. Managing Director Matthew Smith explained: “…Our search for a glass supplier that could work to tight deadlines to produce a top-end product meeting our demanding quality standards led us to Glass Solutions. The company also shares our ethics for being an entirely UK-sourced manufacturer, which is equally important.”

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    Jacketed reactors for any application from Glass Solutions

    Glass Solutions has launched a range of jacketed reactor systems combining excellent value with reliable performance for process development, reaction optimization, or production applications. Ideal for crystallizations, process work-ups, distillations and bioreactions, Glass Solutions Reactor Systems are designed for process development labs, kilo labs and pilot plants, and can be used in a diverse array of scientific disciplines, from the pharma and fine chemical industries to the flavor and fragrance, petrochemistry, and agrochemistry sectors.

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    Glass Solutions moves into its new state-of-the-art facility in Sutton just outside Cambridge

    glass solutionsAfter spending the summer preparing the new 12000sq ft facility with the very latest infrastructure, Glass Solutions has now relocated both its March and Cambridge sites. Having established this wonderful facility the company is now poised to execute its expansion plans.

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    Glass Solutions is delighted to announce its recent acquisition of Labglass Ltd, the reaction vessel specialist based in north Cambridgeshire.

    Labglass Ltd has been trading from its March base for more than 20 years and during that time has built up an enviable reputation for the quality and value for money of the large scale glassware it manufactures. The production of jacketed and vacuum jacketed reaction vessels up to 50 litre volume have become a mainstay of the business but obviously their repertoire is far more extensive.

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    Jumbo glassware production – see now on You tube

    During the summer Glass Solutions had the opportunity to manufacture a series of glass shades for installation into one of London’s top hotels. Like everything else that had been commissioned for this project it was on a grand scale. Each of the 27 components started life as a piece of 350mm diameter tube which was heated and centrifuged to create shades with a diameter of over 500mm.

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