Glassblowing for Scientists

To compliment our range of specialist glassware we also offer a comprehensive bespoke glassblowing service.

Attention to detail and competitive pricing are just two reasons we may be your best option the next time you need glassware. Explore further to discover more compelling reasons to choose Glass Solutions.

Glassblowing for OEM customers

Glass Solutions has devised a number specialist processes which allow us to both speed up production and improve tolerances even on modest quantity production runs.

These efficiencies mean that we can deliver exceptional quality at a price meets your business needs.

Engineering for laboratories

Glass Solutions is able to offer scientists access to a wide range of engineering resources as part of our bespoke services.

Frequently glass needs to work in conjunction with other materials and Glass Solutions are experts in creating the right designs to do this safely and efficiently.

Design assistance

If you have an idea but are not sure how to get it made then there is a good chance we can help.

We are able to advise on a wide range of manufacturing processes and materials helping to save money and improve the end result.