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    Glass Solutions the key to landmark sculptural lighting commissions

    Haberdashery, a London-based design consultancy, relies on Glass Solutions to produce top quality, custom-made glassware for its landmark sculptural lighting commissions. Director Mac Cox explained: “At Haberdashery, we focus on the design, supply and installation of high end bespoke sculptural lighting for exclusive properties and developments worldwide, from penthouses in London to the Hermitage apartments in Monaco. As well as commissions from interior designers and architects drawing up plans for luxury properties, we work with up-market developers and hotels, and on individual pieces for some of the wealthiest people in the world. At this level, quality is everything.”

    “We chose Glass Solutions because the company has the capability to reliably and consistently produce the large quantities of high quality custom-designed tubes that we need for our lighting sculptures, which comprise several thousand individual tubes of diverse lengths. Glass Solutions gives us a lead time and keeps to it, which is exactly what we need, and has the flexibility to allocate additional staff to a project to meet short deadlines when necessary. We have also occasionally asked the company to produce other unique pieces of glassware, which have been beautifully made. Over the five or six years we have been working with Glass Solutions, we have established a great working relationship built on trust. The company is in the top 10 of the hundreds of suppliers we use, and is by far one of our favored manufacturers.”

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