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    Buchner Funnel Seals Natural
    Buchner Funnel Seals Natural

    If you have spent years searching for these, the good news is that they are back.

    These sealing rings are made from the same high grade natural rubber and provide unrivalled sealing and support for your funnels

    Available in 4 sizes to suit almost every flask/funnel combination. To suit neck sizes from: – 35mm, 45mm, 60mm and 68mm

    ProductPack QtyProduct Code
    Buchner Ring (Mixed set, 1 off each size)102-GSL-BFL1200
    Buchner Ring 68 mm flask ID102-GSL-BFL1204
    Buchner Ring 60 mm flask ID102-GSL-BFL1203
    Buchner Ring 45 mm flask ID102-GSL-BFL1202
    Buchner Ring 35 mm flask ID102-GSL-BFL1201