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    Buchner Funnel Seals EPDM
    Buchner Funnel Seals EPDM

    These are premium quality products that are designed to offer exceptional safety, performance and durability.

    They fit simply and securely to the top of the Buchner flask having lips on the inside and outside of the flask neck to provide a stable and leak free platform for your funnel.

    Sold in packs of 5 seals of each size and also a mixed pack of all sizes.

    ProductPack QtyProduct Code
    Buchner seal (Mixed set, one of each size)502-KEL-D100
    Buchner seal (size 5L – 10L flask)502-KEL-D106
    Buchner seal (size 1000ml – 3000ml flask)502-KEL-D105
    Buchner seal (size 1000ml flask)502-KEL-D104
    Buchner seal (size 100ml flask)502-KEL-D101