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    Bench-top Reactor for 5L vessel
    Bench-top Reactor for 5L vessel

    Suitable for 5L jacketed and vacuum jacketed vessels, this robust benchtop reactor system offers ultimate ease of use and excellent chemical resistance.

    Designed for process development labs, kilo labs and pilot plants, the system is ideal for use in applications such as chemical reactions, crystallizations, work-ups, distillations, bioreactions, process optimization, process development or production; pharmaceutical, petrochemistry etc.

    The reactor system allows quick and easy vessel height and stirrer motor adjustment. Vessels are independently supported at the neck and base, and feature sprung bottom outlet valves for safety.

    A wide range of accessories are available: circulators, 5 or 6 port lids, stirrers, stirrer motors, reflux condensers, addition funnels, distillation systems and more. The system can also be easily customized to your requirements – please Contact us with your requirements.

    The benchtop reactor system frame includes the base system, bench stand, stirrer, guide, boss, PT100, jacket connection, lid clamp & vessel seal [o-ring]. Please choose your frame, lid, vessel size and stirrer motor from the below options.

    We have a wide range of reactor systems available, floor-standing or benchtop, with a wide variety of vessel types and vessel volumes. Click to view the full range .

    Reactor Systems Flyer

    ProductPack QtyProduct Code
    Bench Top System Frame, Size DN150102-RVS-BC150
    Flange Lid 5-port, Size DN150102-GSL-L155
    Flange Lid 6-port, Size DN150102-GSL-L156
    Jacketed Vessel 5000ml, Size DN150102-GSL-RV50
    Vacuum Jacketed vessel 5000ml, Size DN150102-GSL-VV50
    Stirrer Motor, manual control102-RVS-S020D
    Stirrer Motor with RS232102-RVS-S060C
    Stirrer Motor (high power), RS232102-RVS-S100C