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    Microfluidic Chips

    Microfluidic Chips

    Our sister brand, Dolomite Microfluidics is the world leader in production of glass microfluidic chips, fabricated to the highest quality standards. The range of chips include droplet chips, mixer chips, T-junction chips, Y-junction chips, porous media chips, reactor chips, wellplate chips and membrane chips.

    • Over 100 standard chip designs: with hydrophobic, hydrophilic or fluorinated coatings and a wide range of channel sizes (100nm up to 1mm), inputs, outputs, geometries (including circular cross, pillar arrays and micromixer)
    • Highest quality: excellent chemical resistance and optical transparency
    • Range of coatings: hydrophobic, hydrophilic and fluorophilic
    • High temperature range: up to 500°C
    • High pressure range: up to 300 bar
    • Custom chips: fabricated to your exact needs with very short lead times

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